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Campaign: Sustainable Sourcing, Personal Responsibility

A spear fisherman stands in a fish market, this image is overlaid by a narration which focuses on the morality of consumption. The fisherman’s voice discusses what he as an individual is able to contribute, the values he lives by and how his actions come from those values. Because he values personal responsibility, he sees knowing what we put into our bodies, and how that food is sourced, as imperative to living a full and productive life. While this takes hard work, the reward is worth it: Hard Work, Hard Kombucha.


Campaign: Hard Work, Trippy Tropic

This campaign spotlights the work of LA native and shaper Kelly Connolly. A trippy, tropic animation accented by ambient lo-fi brings Kelly’s narration to life. In the final moments, emphasized by the sights and sounds of Kelly’s shop, the spot transitions into live action and craftsmanship becomes the focus. With this we are left with the campaign’s message: Hard Work, Hard Kombucha.

The interview would start animated and then cut to live action footage of Kelly shaping a board.

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